Steps for assigning VMs

You can assign VMs as follows:
1. On the FusionAccess portal, choose Desktop > Desktop Group.
The page for managing desktop groups is displayed.
2. On the desktop group management page, select the target desktop group in the list, and click Assign VM.
3. On theAssign VM page, configure basic information for the desktop group based on the obtained data.
The assignment type is Multiple Users:
(1) If user A has logged in to a VM, user B cannot log in to the VM.
(2) If user A logs in to a VM and then disconnects from it without logging out, user B can log in to the VM and user A is forcibly logged out at the same time.
4. Click OK.
The system displays a message indicating that the VM is assigned.
5. Click Return to Desktop Group List.
You can view information about the desktop group on this page.

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