Method used to modify a prompt message on the WI page

You can modify a prompt message on the WI page as follows:

1. Log in to the WI server, and go to the opt/WI/tomcat/WI/ROOT/js/language directory.
2. Copy the dashbordLanguage.js file to a local computer and back it up.
3. Open the dashbordLanguage.js file and find the message that you want to modify. For example, change 'Can not connect to VM' to 'Cannot connect to VM'.
4. Save the dashbordLanguage.js file, and copy it back to the /opt/WI/tomcat/WI/ROOT/js/language directory.
5. Refresh the WI page and check whether your changes have taken effect. If not, clear the browser's cache and log in to WI again.

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