Do AR routers support E1 interfaces

E1 interfaces that AR routers support are described as follows:

E1 interfaces are configured on E1/T1 cards and can be seen as serial interfaces (currently supported by AR1200/AR2200/AR3200/AR3600).
- 1E1T1-M/2E1T1-M support the E1/CE1/CT1/PRI(E1&T1) interface.
- 4E1T1-M/8E1T1-M support the E1/CE1/PRI(E1) interface.
- 1E1T1-F/2E1T1-F support the framed/unframed E1/T1 interface.
- 4E1T1-F/8E1T1-F support the framed/unframed E1 interface.

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