Alternative solution to NetScaler in Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution

Citrix NetScaler is no longer supported by Huawei FusionCloud desktop solution. Huawei now provides solutions similar to Citrix NetScaler to provide more flexible access modes.
Citrix Netscaler has the following functions:
1) Load balancing: When desktop users log in to the WI page, Netscaler selects an available WI for them to access based on the service load.
2. Access gateway: The IP addresses of user VMs are isolated from those of TCs and SCs, and security encryption is enabled.
The new solutions provided by Huawei are as follows:
Solution 1: provides software to perform load balancing (vLB) and access gateway (vAG) functions, which completely replaces Citrix Netscaler. This option is easy to deploy and free of charge. If customers require hardware to isolate internal and external networks, they can use universal firewall devices. This is a common solution in the industry. (Currently, VMware uses this solution.)
Solution 2: If the customer has purchased Citrix Netscaler (the access gateway only supports the Citrix ICA protocol and does not support other desktop protocols), Netscaler can be used for load balancing alongside Huawei's software access gateway (vAG).
Solution 3: provides security a security access gateway from the SVN security product line. Like Citrix Netscaler, it can deliver load balancing and access gateway functions, isolate internal and external networks, and provide SSL encryption capabilities.
Solution 1 is recommended because it is simple to deploy and its cost is low.

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