Common interconnection problems of ADSL and VDSL interfaces

Problem description: The ADSL/VDSL interface cannot be activated.
Handling process:
1. Investigate the cables connected to the AR xDSL interface, and notify the operator to check the cables.
2. If the AR card is equipped with only one ADSL/VDSL interface, confirm with the operator whether bonding is configured on the DSLAM on the peer end.
3. Separate the xDSL cables from electromagnetic interference sources and keep the line far away from the electromagnetic interference sources.
4. If the problem is not resolved after the preceding steps, contact Huawei post-sales engineers to determine whether it is an IOP interconnection problem.
Note: After the preceding steps, the most common interconnection problems of ADSL/VDSL interfaces can be resolved or filtered out.
Root causes:
1. Cables connected to the ADSL/VDSL interface do not work normally.
2. The configurations of ADSL/VDSL interfaces on the AR router and DSLAM are not consistent.
3. Electromagnetic interference sources, such as motors, transformers, and generators, are located in the route of the xDSL cable.
4. xDSL interconnection problems occur.

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