Configuration of an AP's wired interfaces

Configuration of a Fit AP's wired interfaces:

For V200R005:


[HUAWEI-wlan-view]ap id 0

[HUAWEI-wlan-ap-0]lineate-port Ethernet 0 pvid vlan 100

[HUAWEI-wlan-ap-0]lineate-port Ethernet 0 vlan untagged 100

The preceding configuration takes VLAN 100 as an example. An AP's wired interfaces can be used to connect wired terminals.

For V200R006:


[HUAWEI-wlan-view]wired-port-profile name profile-name //Create an AP wired port profile, and configure wired interface parameters in the profile.


1. If an AP is connected to a switch, you can configure VLANs to allow their packets to pass through.

2. Some APs have two or more wired interfaces. The serial number of a wired interface starts with 0 and is incremented.

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