Why is the association rate displayed on the STA low

The possible causes for the low association rate displayed on the STA include:

- If the STA is far away from the AP, signals are weak, and the negotiated association rate of the STA is low.

- If the 802.11n APs use WEP or TKIP encryption, the association rate of STAs may only be 54 Mbit/s (that is the rate of 802.11b/g). Because WEP and TKIP are not defined in the 802.11n protocol, the STA associates with the AP in 802.11g mode if TKIP encryption is used.

- If the network adapter supporting only the 802.11b/g mode is associated with the 802.11n AP, the maximum associated rate is 54 Mbit/s. Alternatively, the radio type configured on the 802.11n AP is in 802.11b/g mode, so the AP supports only the radios in 802.11b/g mode.

Try the following methods to resolve the problem:

1. Place the STA closer to the AP.

2. Change the encryption mode to CCMP in the security profile.

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