Can authentication-free domain names be configured for Portal authentication on the AC

From V200R006, ACs support authentication-free domain names for Portal authentication. Network access rights of users can be configured through ACLs. If the administrator wants to control a user's access to a domain name, configure the user's access rights to the IP address corresponding to the domain name. If the domain name corresponds to multiple IP addresses, maintenance of the administrator may be complicated. In this case, configure a global domain name. Access rights control can then be implemented directly through the global domain name in the ACL.

1. Enter the system view, and configure a global domain name.


[AC6605] passthrough-domain name id 1

2. Create a user ACL, and allow access to the global domain name in the ACL.


[AC6605] acl number 6001

[AC6605-acl-adv-6001] rule permit ip source user-group name user1

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