How to configure key negotiation between STAs and APs for roaming

Key negotiation between STAs and APs can only be configured in V200R003. The configuration procedure is as follows:
[AC-wlan-view] ap-profile name huawei id 1 //Create AP profile huawei.
[AC-wlan-ap-prof-huawei] 4-way-handshake ap //Configure key negotiation between a STA and an AP.
[AC-wlan-ap-prof-huawei] quit
[AC-wlan-view] ap id 1
[AC-wlan-ap-1] profile-id 1
[AC-wlan-ap-1] quit
[AC-wlan-view] commit ap 1 //Deliver the configuration to the AP.
Warning: Committing configuration may cause service interruption,continue?[Y/N]y

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