How do I view operations on the device

A device records user operations in logs. You can view the log file to check operations.
1. Run the save logfile command to save the log information in the log file buffer to the log file.
To reduce the number of times information is written into the storage medium, information generated on the device is saved into the log buffer before being saved into the log file. When the log buffer is full, the system saves the logs in the log buffer to the log file.
You can run the save logfile command to save logs that are not automatically saved by system to the log file and clear the log file buffer.

2. Run the dir logfile/ command to check information about the log files saved on the storage medium.
Too many log files occupy device storage resources. The device stores a maximum of 200 log files by default. If the number of log files exceeds the maximum value, the system deletes the oldest log files.

3. Run the display logfile file-name command to check log files on the device.

Some old log files cannot be viewed because the device limits the number of log files a user can view. To view all log files, configure the device to save log information to a log host. For details on how to configure the device to send logs to a log host, see Outputting Log Information to a Log Host in Information Center Configuration of the Huawei Wireless Access Controllers Configuration Guide - Device Management.

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