Field strength requirements in different WLAN coverage areas

Depending on signal strength requirements on a WLAN, the field strength requirements are as follows:
- Hotspot field strength: The field strength in major coverage areas ranges from �?0 dBm to �?5 dBm. Field strength higher than �?5 dBm may cause receive overload, and field strength lower than�?0 dBm may reduce the network connection rate.
- Edge field strength: It is determined based on the receive sensitivity and edge bandwidth. Generally, the edge field strength is higher than �?5 dBm. The Internet access requirements can be met even if the network connection rate is reduced.
- Interference field strength: The co-channel interference strength in the same area should not exceed �?0 dBm.
- Leakage field strength: The leakage field strength 10 m away from a building should not exceed �?0 dBm.

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