Why do IP address conflicts occur on an AC? What measures should be taken in this case

An IP address conflict occurs when two users in a LAN are allocated the same IP address. IP address conflicts are caused by errors in address allocation. For example, a client's IP address has been released using a Release packet or the reset ip pool command or because the lease has expired. However, the AC does not notify the user that the IP address has been released. The DHCP server then allocates this IP address to another client. This client pings the IP address and receives a reply, so it sends a Decline packet to the DHCP server. The server sets this IP address to conflicted state.

When an IP address conflict occurs, run the reset ip pool { interface pool-name | name ip-pool-name } { start-ip-address [ end-ip-address ] | conflict } command on the DHCP server to release the conflicting IP address.

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