Do AC interfaces allow Jumbo frames to pass through

Ethernet frames longer than 1518 bytes or VLAN frames longer than 1522 bytes are called Jumbo frames.
During a high-throughput data exchange such as a file transfer, an Ethernet interface of an AC may receive Jumbo frames. The AC discards Jumbo frames without processing them. When the Ethernet interface is configured to allow Jumbo frames to pass through, the AC processes the received Jumbo frames with the length within the specified range.
Run the jumboframe enable [ value ] command in the interface view to configure an interface to allow Jumbo frames to pass through. In the command, value specifies the maximum length of Jumbo frames that are allowed to pass through an Ethernet interface. The value is an integer that ranges from 1536 to 12288, in bytes.
Note: Fat APs do not support this command.

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