What STA information can be displayed on a WLAN device

1. Number of STAs associated with an AP

For V200R005, run the display station assoc-num command.

For V200R006, run the display station ap-id xx command.

2. STA information

For V200R005, run the display station assoc-info sta sta-mac command.

For V200R006, run the display station sta-mac sta-mac command.

The display contents vary depending on versions. The following uses V200R005C10 as an example:

display station assoc-info sta d420-6df4-f37e

Station mac-address : d420-6df4-f37e //STA mac

Station ip-address : //STA IP

Station gateway :

Associated SSID : jsldoc //SSID

Station online time(ddd:hh:mm:ss) : 000:00:04:20 //Online time

The upstream SNR(dB) : 30.0

The upstream aggregate receive power(dBm) : -79.0

Station connect rate(Mbps) : 23 //Rate

Station connect channel : 1 //Channel

Station inactivity time(ddd:hh:mm:ss) : 000:00:00:00


Station's RSSI(dBm) : -66 //Single strength

Station's Noise(dBm) : -109

Station's radio mode : 11b //Network type

Station's AP ID : 6 //AP ID (supported only by V200R005C00)

Station's Radio ID : 0 //0 indicates 2.4G, and 1 indicates 5G (supported only by V200R005C00).

Station's Authentication Method : OPEN

Station's Cipher Type : NO CIPHER

Station's User Name : d4206df4f37e

Station's Vlan ID : 28

Station's Channel Band-width : 20MHz

Station's asso BSSID : dcd2-fc9a-2110

Station's state : Asso with auth

Station's Qos Mode : NULL

Station's HT Mode : -

Station's MCS value : 0

Station's NSS value : 0

Station's Short GI : support

Station's roam state : No

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