Configure multiple SSIDs for a WLAN

Configure multiple SSIDs for a WLAN.
One SSID indicates a wireless signal for users. All the ACs and APs can be configured with multiple SSIDs, that is, one device can send multiple radio signals.
1. Add a new service set (New WLAN-BSS/WLAN-ESS interfaces must be added.), and configure parameters such as the SSID.
2. Invoke this service set in the AP radio.
3. A single radio can invoke multiple service sets. Different radios can invoke the same service set (applicable to the AC).
- Creating new wireless networks has no effect on existing networks.
- Each service set can be configured with different parameters such as encryption and authentication.
- Each service set maps one VLAN, namely, one address pool and one IP address segment.
- Do not reuse the service set on 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz frequency bands when configuring multiple SSIDs for Fat APs.

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