WLAN-ESS and WLAN-BSS interface

Differences between ESS and BSS
- Basic service set (BSS) is the basic service unit of WLAN. Typically, BSS consists of one AP and several STAs.
- Extended service set (ESS) is a group of BSSs that share the same SSID. ESS solves the limited coverage problem caused by BSS.
In most cases, BSS is used on Fat APs, while ESS on ACs.
For wireless air interfaces, the service VLAN is typically set to PVID and untag VLAN.
For example:
int {wlan-bss|wlan-ess} 0
port hybrid pvid 10
port hybrid untag vlan 10

To change information such as the VLAN and domain for a WLAN-ESS or WLAN-BSS interface, you must unbind the service set from the AP and then the WLAN-BSS and WLAN-ESS interfaces from the service set.

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