Configure the service VLAN and management VLAN

Configure the service VLAN and management VLAN.
1. Service VLAN
- Command output on the AC:
[HUAWEI-wlan-view]service-set name test
[HUAWEI-wlan-service-set-test]service-vlan 100
Multiple service sets have access to different service VLANs.

2. Management VLAN
- Configure PVID and untag for the management VLAN on the switch connected to the AP. Allow packets from the management VLAN to pass through.
- On Fit APs, no configuration is required for the interfaces connected to the switch.
- On Fat APs, the configurations for wired-side interfaces are the same as the configurations for the interfaces on the switch.
1. It is recommended that you configure the service VLAN and management VLAN differently, and do not use VLAN 1 for both VLANs.
2. In normal cases, there is only one management VLAN, but multiple service VLANs can be configured as required.
3. A service set can contain only one service VLAN.
4. In tunnel forwarding, the switch between the AP and AC does not allow packets from service VLANs to pass through, but in direct forwarding, the switch must allow packets to pass through.
5. If the service VLAN or management VLAN is changed, VLAN configurations on the devices along the path must be modified.
If the network is newly deployed, you are advised to dial 400-822-9999 to seek assistance from Huawei's presale team to perform the network planning first.

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