The AC fails to start

Two scenarios for AC start failure are as follows:
- The AC can be powered on but cannot start, and the serial port does not display information. Rectify this fault by performing the following steps:
1. Check whether the power module functions properly.
a. Measure the input voltage.
Use a multimeter to measure the input voltage of the power module, and check whether the input voltage is in the operating voltage range of the power module.
b. Remove and reinstall the power module.
Unplug and plug the power module and its power cable to ensure that they are securely installed.
c. Perform a cross test of the power module.
Move the power module to another AC or replace it with another power module that can work normally in another AC, to determine whether the power module or the AC itself is faulty. If the test proves that the power module is faulty, send the power module back for repair.
d. If the fault still occurs on the AC after the cross test, contact Huawei technical support.
2. Check whether there is obvious yellow mark on the interface. If the color of the connector turns yellowish, the fault may be caused by lightning strikes or surge current. The internal CPU chip may be damaged. In this case, dial Huawei customer service hotline and return the AC for repair (select the cause: F009 unexpected damage).
Note: To protect the AC from lightning strikes or surge voltage, install a surge protector or a voltage stabilizer to ensure a stable running environment.
3. If there is no obvious mark, contact Huawei technical support.
- The AC can be powered on and the serial port can display information, but the AC cannot start.
a. If information can be displayed through the serial port, press Ctrl+B to enter the BootROM menu during the startup. Then, press CTRL+E to enter the test menu to check whether the SDRAM and flash memory are faulty. If so, dial Huawei customer service hotline and return the AC for repair.
b. If not, dial Huawei customer service hotline or contact Huawei maintenance engineers to determine whether to upgrade the AC software or change other configurations.
c. If the fault persists, contact Huawei technical support personnel.

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