What should I do if the configuration is lost after a WLAN device is restarted

The loss of configuration after AC restart is generally caused by either of the following: the configuration file is not saved successfully, or the specified startup file is incorrect. Perform the following operations for different problems:
Scenario 1: The configuration is not saved or fails to be saved.
The current configuration will be written to the device.
Are you sure to continue?[Y/N]Y
Info: Please input the file name(*.cfg,*.zip)[vrpcfg.zip]:Y
If it is a new AC, the system will ask you to enter the file name (vrpcfg.zip by default, which can also be created with the file name extension .zip or .cfg) when you save the configuration for the first time. If you do not need to save the configuration to another file, press Enter directly. (You must press Enter or enter a new configuration file name. Otherwise, the configuration cannot be saved and the AC is unconfigured after restart.)
If the system shows "Info: Save the configuration successfully.", the configuration file is successfully saved. You are advised to run the display saved-configuration command to verify that the configuration is properly saved.

Scenario 2: The configuration file is not specified, or the configuration file specified for the next startup is different from the saved configuration file.
a. Check the configuration file.
dir /all
b. Check the startup file. Check whether the name of the next startup saved-configuration file is the same as that of the saved configuration file. If the file name is null or is different from that of the saved configuration file, specify the configuration file for next startup again.
display startup
c. Specify the configuration file for the next startup
startup saved-configuration vrpcfg.zip

Scenario 3: WLAN service configurations on the AC are not delivered to Fit APs and therefore do not take effect.
After WLAN services are configured on the AC, run the commit { all | ap ap-id } command in the WLAN view to deliver the configuration.

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