How do I configure a WLAN device as an FTP server

Configure an AC or a Fat AP as an FTP server.

[Huawei] ftp server enable //Enable the FTP service.

[Huawei] aaa

[Huawei-aaa] local-user u1 password irreversible-cipher ftppwd@6789 //Set the user name to u1 and password to ftppwd@6789.

[Huawei-aaa] local-user u1 service-type ftp //Set the access type of the user to FTP.

[Huawei-aaa] local-user u1 privilege level 15 //Set the user level.

[Huawei-aaa] local-user u1 ftp-directory flash:/ //Specify the directory that the user can access.

[Huawei-aaa] return

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