Which AP models support mode switching

APs that support mode switching: AP3010DN-AGN, AP5010SN-GN, AP5010DN-AGN, AP5030DN, AP5130DN, AP6010SN-GN, AP6010DN-AGN, AP6510DN-AGN, AP6510DN-AGN-US, AP6610DN-AGN, AP6610DN-AGN-US, AP3030DN, AP4030DN, AP4130DN, AP7110DN, AP8030DN, AP8130DN, AP3010DN-V2, AP5030DN-S, AP9131DN, AP9132DN, AD9430DN-24, and AD9430DN-12

Note that APs only in V200R003 or later support the Fat mode, so APs in versions earlier than V200R003 (such as WA series APs) do not support mode switching.

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