How to upgrade the AP version through Uboot

Uboot-based upgrade is used when an AP cannot start and enter the command line mode. Uboot-based upgrade is complex and requires you to strictly follow the procedures. Therefore, you are not advised to use this method to upgrade the AP version.

Perform the following operations to upgrade the AP version through Uboot:

1. Connect the serial ports of the PC and AC with a serial cable and use the HyperTerminal to access the CLI.

2. Obtain the firmware file u-boot.bin and the software package FatAP6X10XN_V200R005C10.bin from Huawei official website, and save them to a TFTP directory.

3. Run the reboot command to restart the AP. After the following information is displayed, press F within three seconds to enter the Uboot CLI.

Press f or F to stop Auto-Boot in 3 seconds: 3

Password for uboot cmd line :


4. Configure IP addresses for the AP and TFTP server. Ensure that their IP addresses are in the same network segment so that the AP can obtain upgrade files from the TFTP server.

ar7240> setenv ipaddr # IP address of the AP.

ar7240> setenv serverip # IP address of the server.

ar7240> saveenv

Saving Environment to Flash...

Erasing Flash...Writing to Flash... done

5. Run the update boot command and perform the following configurations:

a. Upgrade the Uboot.

ar7240> update boot # The u-boot.bin file is saved in the TFTP directory.

dup 1 speed 1000


Copy to Flash... done

ar7240> reset # Start the AP through the loaded Uboot.

b. Restart the AP and enter the Uboot CLI again.

c. Load the Fat AP's system software package.

ar7240> update system FatAP6X10XN_V200R005C10.bin

5. After the configuration is complete, run the reset command. The AP then starts with the specified firmware file. In this way, the firmware is read into the flash memory of the AP.

For more information, see the upgrade guide in the appropriate version of an AP model.

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