How to upgrade an AC through BootROM

Perform the following steps to upgrade an AC through BootROM:

1. Prepare the system software package to be upgraded and enable the TFTP server on a PC.

2. Connect the PC to the AC using a console cable and start a terminal emulator (such as SecureCRT and HyperTerminal) on the PC.

3. Power off and restart the AC. When the system displays the message "Press Ctrl+B to enter BOOTROM menu ...", press Ctrl+B to enter the BootROM menu (default password:

4. Enter the file system submenu and check whether there is sufficient space in the storage medium on the AC to store the new system software package.

5. Enter the Ethernet submenu, set TFTP parameters as prompted, and download the system software package from the TFTP server.

6. Enter the startup submenu and specify the uploaded system software package as the system software for the next startup.

7. Restart the AC.

For more information, see the upgrade guide in the appropriate version of an AC model.

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