Failed to roll back the software version of an AC

License file

- After a version rollback, all configurations are deleted.

- If the version fails to be rolled back to V200R002 in the BootROM menu, you must downgrade the version through chip burning. For details, see "Version Rollback Tool Usage Guide" in the degrade_files.rar file.

Rollback procedure:

1. Upload the V200R002 system file (.cc file) to an AC.

2. Restart the AC and enter the BootROM menu. Specify the .cc file for the next startup.

The preceding steps match the .cc file with BootROM. If the .cc file cannot be used, re-upload it.

3. Restart the AC (enter 1) and enter BootROM. Upload the V200R002 system file to the AC using FTP.

4. Specify the system, license, and patch files for the next startup.

5. Restart the AC (enter 8). The version rollback at the wired side is complete.

6. Press Ctrl+Y to switch to the wireless side. Perform a formatting operation. (No system file is required at the wireless side.)

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