How do I configure a 4G interface on an AR

The procedure for configuring an LTE interface is as follows:
[Huawei] apn profile lteprofile //Create an APN profile.
[Huawei-apn-profile-lteprofile] apn 3GNET
[Huawei-apn-profile-lteprofile] user name lteuser password cipher Password@123 authentication-mode auto
[Huawei-apn-profile-lteprofile] quit
[Huawei] dialer-rule //Configure a dialer ACL.
[Huawei-dialer-rule] dialer-rule 1 ip permit
[Huawei-dialer-rule] quit
[Huawei] interface cellular 0/0/0
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] link-protocol ppp
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] ip address negotiate //Configure an LTE cellular interface to dynamically obtain an IP address.
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] ppp ipcp dns request //Configure a DNS server address through PPP negotiation.
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] dialer enable-circular //Enable C-DCC.
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] dialer-group 1 //Associate Cellular0/0/0 with the dialer ACL.
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] dialer number *99# //Configure a dialer number for calling the remote end.
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] mode lte auto //Configure a network connection mode.
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] apn-profile lteprofile //Bind the APN profile to the LTE cellular interface.
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] shutdown
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] undo shutdown
[Huawei-Cellular0/0/0] quit

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