Time synchronization mode between WDM products and standard NTP servers

It is a synchronization mode between NMS time and NE time.

With the time synchronization function, the NE time is kept consistent with the NMS time. This allows the NMS to record the correct time at which alarms occur and the correct time at which abnormal events are reported by NEs.

When NEs report alarms and abnormal events to the NMS, the NMS records the time of alarms and events based on the NE time. If the NE time is incorrect, the generation time of alarms recorded on the NMS is also incorrect, which may cause troubles in fault locating. The same case happens to the generation time of abnormal events that are recorded in the NE security log. To ensure the accuracy of NE time, the NMS provides two time synchronization modes with the following servers: the NMS server and the standard NTP server.


The Web LCT improves the accuracy of NE time by synchronizing the NE time with the NMS time.

If synchronization with the NMS server is applied, all NEs use the NMS server time as the standard time, and can be synchronized with the NMS server manually or automatically. The NMS time refers to the time of the workstation where the NMS server resides or system time of the NMS server. This synchronization mode is easy and applies to a network with relatively low requirement on time accuracy.

If synchronization with the standard NTP server is applied, all NEs and the NMS are synchronized with the standard NTP server automatically. The standard NTP server can be the NMS server or a dedicated time server. This synchronization mode makes the NE time and NMS time accurate to 1/1000,000,000 seconds and applies to a network that has a high requirement on time accuracy.

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