Difference between TN23SCC and TN22SCC

TN23SCC supports new boards and features available since OptiX OSN 3800 V100R007C00, while TN22SCC does not. For example, TN22SCC does not support the following boards: TN12LSC, TN11LTX, TN12LTX, TN52NS2T04, TN52NS2T05, TN52NS2T06, TN52NS201M01, TN52NS201M02, TN14LSX, TN11LOA02, TN11RAU2, TN11OMCA, TN11LEM24, TN15LSC, TN13OBU, and TN12HSC1. TN22SCC does not support optical-layer ASON or OD (smart optical management system), either.

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