Method used to handle the POWER_FAIL alarm on the TN52SCC board

Check the settings of the battery jumper on the TN52SCC board. If the board is not powered by batteries, configure the board power supply status to ensure that the board is powered by batteries. For details how to set the battery jumper, see the Hardware Description.
If the POWER_FAIL alarm is reported by the TN52SCC board, the battery of the board is abnormal (the value of alarm parameter 1 is 0x05).
1. On the NMS, back up the NE configuration data to the database in the flash memory of the TN52SCC board.
2. Check whether the jumper cap is correctly placed over the battery jumper. If it is, check the jumper setting of the battery on the board. If the setting disables the battery from providing power, modify the setting to ensure the SCC board is powered using the battery.
3. If the alarm persists, use a multimeter to measure the battery voltage. If the voltage is lower than 3 V, the battery is faulty. When this occurs, replace the TN52SCC board.

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