Method used to handle frequent switching between OSC and ESC during deployment commissioning

During deployment commissioning, the optical power of the OTU or line board is not commissioned, leading to unstable ECC links and frequent switching between the OSC and ESC channels. The details are as follows:
NEs are occasionally unreachable by the NMS, and alarms indicating excessively high or low optical power are reported on related OTU boards or the WDM side of line boards. ECC links are frequently switched between different channels.
The handling method is as follows:
On the U2000, query the communication status of the port on the board to determine the port where the ESC communication fails. Disable all the ESC channels with NE communication failure on the network. After the entire system is commissioned and the optical power values on the entire line are stable, refer to Step 2 to enable the previously disabled ESC channels.

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