Method used to determine whether ECC traffic is too heavy

When the network scale is too large, the ECC communication traffic between NEs might be too heavy for the NE processing capability and cause the SCC boards to reset frequently.
First, check the network scale. The number of NEs on the network must be less than 100. If the network scale exceeds the number, subnet the ECC network and set up a DCN management channel for each subnet.
Second, check the scale of each site. When multiple devices are connected through a hub (or through subrack cascading) to communicate with each other through the extended ECC function of the network ports, the size of the extended ECC network (the total number of servers and clients) cannot be greater than 8. Otherwise, the NE may be reset. When the number of servers and clients is smaller than or equal to 4, either automatic or manual mode can be used. When the number is greater than 4, the manual mode is recommended.

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