HWECC and its technical principles

HWECC is a protocol stack developed by Huawei based on the OSC, ESC or extended channels for communication between NEs.
It is a Huawei proprietary protocol stack and is the most applicable and advanced ECC communication solution for Huawei transmission devices. The HWECC protocol stack distinguishes NEs by IDs and creates routes automatically. Because of this feature, HWECC protocol is easy to use. The HWECC solution is selected preferentially for providing DCN communication when only Huawei equipment, which supports the HWECC protocol, is used on a network.
It uses the shortest path first algorithm to establish ECC routes. For ECC packet forwarding, the NMS exchanges information with gateway NEs using the TCP/IP protocol, and the gateway NEs communicate with their subtending NEs using the HWECC protocol. ECC packets are forwarded based on NE IDs. In this manner, the communication between the NMS and subtending NEs is achieved.

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