Can the AR router connected to a PoE power supply provide power for itself

The AR provides PoE power for downstream terminals. The AR equipped with the 100 W AC power module provides power for PDs connected to FE interfaces. The PDs include IP phones, APs, and cameras.
PoE models: AR207V-P and AR201VW-P; interfaces: Ethernet0/0/0 to Ethernet0/0/7
PoE model: AR151W-P; interfaces: Ethernet0/0/0 to Ethernet0/0/4
PoE models: AR1220V, AR1220W, and AR1220VW; interfaces: Ethernet0/0/4 to Ethernet0/0/7
All GE electrical interfaces on the 4ES2GP-S card support PoE, but the AR must be equipped with the 100 W AC PoE module.

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