Method used to distinguish coherent boards from non-coherent boards

40G boards have both coherent and non-coherent boards. All 100G boards are coherent boards.
The following lists the coherent and non-coherent 40G boards, and 100G boards that are applicable to the OSN 8800:
40G coherent boards: TN15LSXL, TN55NS3, TN56NS3, TN54HUNS3
40G non-coherent boards: TN11LSXL, TN12LSXL, TN11LSXLR, TN12LSXLR, TN11LSQ, TN11LSQR
100G coherent boards: TN12LSC, TN14LSC, TN11LTX, TN12LTX, TN54NS4, TN56NS4

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