Coherent systems

As mobile networks evolve towards LTE, smart terminals are widely used, and new services such as FBB users' IPTV, VoD, and cloud computing continue to emerge, the transmission capacity of conventional networks cannot meet requirement. To address the requirements, Huawei introduces transmission systems using the coherent technology. Huawei coherent transmission systems use advanced technologies such as ePDM-QPSK, ePDM-BPSK, and coherent detection to meet the high-speed transmission requirements on OSNR, CD tolerance, PMD tolerance, and nonlinear effects. Huawei provides large-capacity coherent solutions, offering ultra-large bandwidths (100G and 40G).
A system using a coherent board (such as LSC, LTX, TN15LSXL, TN55NS3, and TN54NS4) is a coherent transmission system.

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