Whether CRPC boards can be added to slots 28 and 120 upon a click of the "Display/Hide Extended Slot" short-cut button on the NMS

CRPC and ROP boards are external boards. They are not inserted in a subrack. Instead, they are connected to a subrack through network cables. Therefore, the slot IDs for the CRPC and ROP boards must be greater than the maximum slot ID to prevent slot ID conflicts.
The slot IDs of external boards are configured using the jumpers on the boards. The initial slot ID configuration rules are intended for external boards of the OSN 6800. Therefore, the initial slot IDs for external slots are IU28 to IU31. This slot ID numbering mode is called non-extended slot ID numbering mode. This slot ID numbering mode cannot satisfy the requirements for the OSN 8800. Therefore, the extended slot ID numbering mode is added, and the slot IDs for extended boards are IU124 to IU127.
The OSN 6800 supports both slot ID numbering modes.

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