Difference between the electrical relay mode and optical relay mode

Some boards (such as TN12ND2, TN52ND2, TN53ND2, TN57ND2, TN53NQ2, TN54NQ2, TN57NQ2, TN54NS3, and TN55NS3) can work in the regeneration mode. The regeneration mode can be optical relay mode or electrical relay mode.
The NE software implements the two modes in similar ways. The two modes differ in trail management on the NMS.
In the electrical relay mode, the board terminates OCh trails. For a service traversing an electrical regeneration board, four unidirectional service trails will be generated using the function of E2E trail management.
In the optical relay mode, however, a complete bidirectional service trail is generated using the function of E2E trail management.
The optical relay mode is introduced in ASON trail management, with the purpose to enhance optical-layer trail maintainability.
If optical-layer ASON is enabled, the optical relay mode must be used. If optical-layer ASON is disabled, either of the modes can be used and the electrical relay mode is recommended.

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