Method used to handle low transmit optical power

Possible cause 1: Any fiber pigtail in a multiplexing part or the optical cable degrades or is physically damaged. As a result, the attenuation of the fiber increases, and the receive optical power decline causes an OSNR decrease. Possible cause 2: The OA board gain at the local or peer site is decreased.
For possible cause 1:
a. Check the pigtail of the multiplexing part, and replace the pigtail if it is abnormal.
b. Verify that the optical cable is normal.
A pigtail in a multiplexing part is one between the following units:
Equipment and ODF
OA and FIU
TDC and RDC of an OAU board
For possible cause 2:
Check the OA board gain. If the gain is abnormal, replace the board.

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