Whether there is a method used to replace an unprotected system control board rather than using jumpers

When replacing an unprotected system control board of a master subrack, you need to use its jumpers to clear the database in its system parameter area (by setting jumpers to 1010) and in its flash memory. This database clearance prevents the NE from becoming abnormal due to a residual database after the system control board is replaced. Database clearance can only be implemented by setting jumpers onsite and cannot be implemented using the NMS.
The database clearance script provided in the Downgrade Guide applies to scenarios in which the system control board is normally running. (The Downgrade Guide also applies to such scenarios in which the NE can be managed by the NMS). During system control board replacement, however, the new system control board has not been started and the NE cannot be managed yet. Therefore, commands in the database clearance script cannot be used.

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