Differences between PTP, NPTP, and SPTP

In recent prewarning notices, a large number of PTP, NPTP, and SPTP commands are used to prevent issues on WDM devices. What are the differences between these commands?
PTP and NPTP commands can be classified into the same category. The PTP command is used by NEs of 4.08.xx.xx, and the NPTP command is used by NEs of 5.08.xx.xx and 5.39.xx.xx. The PTP and NPTP commands are directly issued to boards and are not saved on NEs, and they become invalid after boards start up from resets. (Cold resets will definitely cause the loss of PTP and NPTP commands, but warm resets will not necessarily cause the loss of PTP and NPTP commands. For example, if a PTP command is used to change register configurations, a warm reset may not cause the loss of the PTP command). The issued SPTP command will not directly function on a board. Instead, it is saved on the NE and can be sent to the board only using the cfg-send-sptp command. In addition, when the board starts from a reset, the NE will issue the command to the board. Therefore, the startup will not cause the loss of the SPTP command.
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