Indicators of a mechanical VOA

Description of indicators related to a mechanical VOA.
For example, Optical Tunable Attenuator,Manual(Single),1300~1610nm,2~30dB,2.0dB,40dB,2mm*2.5m LC/PC. The indicator description is as follows:
1300~1610 nm: supported wavelength range
2~30 dB: supported attenuation range
2.0 dB: insertion loss
40 dB: echo loss
2mm*2.5m: pigtail diameter and length
LC/PC: optical fiber connector type.
The return loss refers to the ratio of optical power returned from the input port of passive components to input optical power. The formula is as follows:
RL = -10 log (Pr/Pj)
Pj refers to the optical power sent to an input port. Pr refers to the optical power received from the same input port. Generally, the return loss of a fixed optical attenuator is 45 dB; the return loss of a mechanical variable attenuator is 40 dB or 55 dB. A larger return loss value indicates smaller optical power returned by the same optical port on a passive component and better the attenuator performance.

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