Two optical port rates of SC1 and SC2 boards on OSN 6800

How to understand the optical port rates 16.896 Mbit/s and 4.096 Mbit/s of SC1 and SC2 boards described in OSN 6800 product documentation?
Root cause:
1. Optical ports on SC1 and SC2 boards on OSN 6800 support two rate modes. In the networking containing OSN 6800, the rate 16.896 Mbit/s is used in the case of interconnection with the SC2 or SC1 board, and the rate 4.096 Mbit/s is used in case of the interconnection with an optical supervisory control (OSC) board on BWS 1600G.
2. The rate mode does not need to be set and is determined by the board. It is auto-adaptive.

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