Description of a host reset record

How to handle the host reset record errlog?
Run the #591067:errlog; command to search for keyword cm_lanapp.
The host is reset because the Ethernet communication on the external host is abnormal or the communication port is blocked.
Disconnect the Ethernet connection.
Suggestion and conclusion:
1. In the returned error record, check whether the number of NEs used for ECC communication (including extended ECC communication) exceeds the limit. Pay attention to the number of NEs that are widely used in extended ECC communication in the WDM system.
2. Check whether a switch (or a hub) is connected to the system control board and whether other devices sharing the same IP address with the host is connected. Disconnect the device in time if it is found.
3. Solve the broadcast domain problem to prevent the host receiving a large volume of broadcast data.

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