Method used to handle the PS alarm reported by an unused protection group of a DCP board

The first protection group on a DCP board of a WDM network is used. The second protection group is not used, but the PS switching alarm is reported. What are the methods of monitoring the impact and handling the issue? Once the alarm is masked, the PS alarm of the first protection group is masked.
1. BWS 1600G NEs support DCP boards of various versions. The PS alarms of the DCP boards are reported when the optical switches are in the standby state. Because the alarm distinguishes the protection groups according to alarm parameters, PS alarms of the entire board will be not monitored if the alarms are masked. Therefore, the alarms cannot be handled by masking them.
2. Based on the DCP board alarm mechanism, you can clear the PS alarm by setting the second optical switch to active.
3. Because there is no command for directly changing the optical switch status, use the second protection group that is logically configured and lock out the optical switch to the active state. Then the issue is rectified.
1. Configure two logical OTU boards on the NMS, and configure the second protection group to a wavelength protection group.
2. Issue a lockout command to this new protection group on the NMS. The alarm is cleared.
3. Delete the new logical protection group and OTU board.

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