Method used to clear alarms caused by unused ports

In a DWDM system, when a client-side port is not in use but is set to the used state, alarms are reported on the NMS, such as ODU_AIS, SM_BDI, and MS_AIS alarms. These alarms may cause misunderstandings that services are interrupted.
In the main view, double-click the optical NE to display the status view. Specifically,
a. Right-click the NE in the subrack and choose NE Explorer from the short-cut menu. The NE Explorer is displayed.
b. Select the OTU board from the navigation tree. Choose Configuration > WDM Interface > Advanced Attributes.
c. Set the channel use stats to unused.d. Click Apply.
e. View alarms and check whether the alarm is cleared.
Root cause:
An alarm is generated when the NMS detects that an unused client-side or WDM-side port is set to the used state.
Check the client-side optical port status of an OTU board to facilitate alarm analysis and troubleshooting. This operation must be performed with a prior approval and monitoring of the customer.
Suggestion and conclusion:

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