Method used to handle the NO_BD_PARA alarm on a CRPC Raman amplifier board

A CRPC board on an OSN 6800 NE reports a NO_BD_PARA alarm, and the alarm parameter is 0x01 0x00 0x01.
1. The board software is lost.
2. Board data configurations are incorrect.
3. The board hardware is faulty.
Root cause:
1. Query the board software information. The board software information can be normally queried, and alarm information indicates that the board software is not lost.
2. Check whether board settings are correct. On the NMS, select the CRPC board and choose Configuration > WDM Interface in the navigation tree. Select By Board/Port (Channel) and click the Advanced Attributes tab. In Fixed Pump Optical Power (dBm), query the pump laser optical power which is -60 dBm. Set it to 24 dBm. Then the NO_BD_PARA alarm is cleared.
Suggestions and conclusion:
1. The CRPC board is a Raman amplifier board. The Raman pump optical power is disabled before delivery to avoid personal injury at deployment. Therefore, the queried value is -60 dBm. This value does not meet board requirements, and therefore the NO_BD_PARA alarm is reported.
2. The CRPC board (backward Raman amplifier board) requires that the gain of each wavelength should exceed 10 dB. During deployment commissioning, set the initial pump power value of the board to the recommended value as follows:
For a G.652 or G.655 fiber, you are advised to set the optical power to 24 dBm for the first and second pump lasers.
For a G.653 fiber, you are advised to set the optical power to 23 dBm for the first pump laser and to 22.5 dBm for the second pump laser.

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