Cause why an R_LOF alarm is reported when the client-side port of an E7LWF board is set to UNUSE state

Why an R_LOF alarm persists after the client-side port on an E7LWF board is set to the UNUSE state? The product version is V100R003C01B01m.
Root cause:
The current software version of the E7LWF board dynamically updates the list of R_LOF alarm nodes when the optical port is unused. As a result, R-LOF alarms are transiently reported irregularly and cannot be cleared. On an NE of version V100R005 or V100R006, this issue is resolved using the alarm anti-jitter function of the NE.
On the live network, upgrade the board software to resolve this issue. Board software version V7.24 in NE version V100R003C01B029 will be released to resolve this issue.
Before the board software version is released, set the optical port to the use state to prevent this issue.
Suggestion and conclusion:

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