Configuration of the precaution information about wrong optical fiber connections on WDM products

When a large number of optical cables are connected on the same span of a WDM device, if an optical cable is incorrectly connected, the OTU alarm is reported. There is a low probability that after optical fibers with the same wavelength information on the main optical path are incorrectly connected, no alarm is reported. As a result, it is difficult to locate the fault and greatly prolongs the troubleshooting duration.
OTN devices support TTI configuration settings on the OTS layer to support wrong connection detection of the OTS segment. The configuration is on the FIU board, and the alarm reporting is triggered by OSC board testing. This function is disabled by default. Manually enable the function and configure the TTI bytes as follows:
1. Enable the OTS_TIM alarm monitoring function;
2. Configure the TTI bytes on both ends of the OTS. When the OTS optical fiber connection is abnormal, the OTS_TIM alarm will be reported.

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