Procedures for upgrading multiple subracks during a WDM device upgrade

Run the :swdl-rvrv-bdlist command to obtain the number of boards to be loaded. When the number of boards exceeds 70, divide the boards into batches and perform the package loading batch by batch. The number of boards in each batch of package loading should be less than 70.
Dividing methods:
1. The boards in the same subrack cannot be divided into two loading batches.
2. The number of boards in each batch cannot exceed 70.
3. Run the :swdl-add-excludebd:bid:0,0,0 command (only if the current NE version is OptiX OSN 6800 V100R004C04SPC800 or later) to isolate the boards except the first batch. Then run the :swdl-set-autoswdl:disable command to disable the automatic matching function on the NE.
4. For the first batch, perform a complete package loading upgrade.
5. Run the sftm-rtrv-state:swdl command to check the NE status. If MAIN_STATE and SUB_STATE of the NE are NORMAL, you can perform the package loading for the second batch.
6. Run the :swdl-del-excludebd:bid:0,0,0 command to de-isolate the boards on the second batch.
7. Perform the package loading on the second batch of boards until all the boards are upgraded.
8. After the upgrades on all batches are complete, you need to run the :swdl-set-autoswdl:enable command to enable the automatic matching function for package loading on the NE.
Root cause:
When the board data volume is too large or a loading operation is being performed, the package loading may exceed the timeout period, causing an upgrade failure.
Please refer to the handling process.
Suggestion and conclusion:

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