Method used to set the clock of an E2TC1 or TC2 board

Why an E2TC1 or E2TC2 board does not support the cfg-set-sccsynpri:bid and cfg-get-sccsynpri:bid commands when the NE software version is and the Navigator version is 5.7? The corresponding interface is not found on T2000 V100R008. How do I resolve the issue? What new commands does an E2TC1 or E2TC2 board support?
1. This command applies to the SCC board instead of service boards. The bid parameter can only be set to 7, which indicates slot 7 of the SCC board. For details, see the NE command line manual or command help.
2. T2000 V100R008 does not support this operation. The earliest NMS version that supports this operation is V200R001C02B

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