Dispersion compensation rules for OSN 1800 devices?

1. A 20 km DCM module is pre-compensated at the transmit end of the OTM based on the fiber type.
2. The compensation module is chosen based on the fiber type to implement 100% dispersion compensation. In addition, the dispersion topology is adjusted under certain conditions to reduce the number of required amplifiers.
3. At the receive end of the OTM, the residual dispersion after compensation meets the requirements of OSNR optimization specifications. The DCM at the receive end is divided into two parts. One is DCM-A (20 km) or DCM-T (10 km) placed at the upper-level OLA site to optimize the dispersion window.
4. If the designed OSNR value in the system is 2 dB larger than that defined in the specifications, the DCM at the receive end does not need to be divided.

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